Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The petting zoo is rated R.

So crazy how life comes in a full circle. My parents took me to Deanna Rose Farmstead when we moved to KC and now Jason and I take Andie. Things like this get way more fun when she can enjoy and engage, rather than us adults walking in the pig-scented heat pushing a sleeping baby...

Here's the story in pictures:

1 & 2: this dinosaur of a goat just clobbered his way up the fence to say hi. Freaked this mother out, let me tell ya. 
3: sleeping pigs make Andie smile. Or she knows what to do in front of a camera
4: this, my friends, is the picture of the week. I covered the head of this goat with my finger because I was so wigged out. Get this::: it's breeding season. The male goats have a harness with chalk in the chest area. It's color shows when the lady goat will give birth. Guess how you know which goats are impregnated? Disturbing goat picture in your mind? You're welcome.
(That goat is indeed pregnant)
5. Family. Can't beat it.
6. Jason bathing. 
7. He wants to pump his own water all day long.
8. My favorite people 
9. I know, little guy. Life's rough. Hakuna matata. 

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