Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Weekends

How am I so so far behind in blogging?! Sheesh!

Let's grab this set up from Little Baby Garvin and recap life:

1. For Labor Day weekend, we went to a little town called Pratt Kansas.
Pros: Andie got to wear a bandana and not for fashion, for cooling her hot body down. This is real life country. Aunt Shelby took a bunch of the most incredible film pictures I've seen in a long time and Andie was in 90% of them. (Thanks a million). Cons: Andie is teething and had snot all over her face the entire weekend, mixed with sweat. It was so pretty.
3. Old Settler's Day is Olathe's Fair, so of course we HAD to go!
Pros: I bought fudge. And chevron leg warmers. Duh. Cons: Our cousin Kennadie (3 years old) decided she neeeeeeded to go potty! 

2. We took ANOTHER road trip, this time to Oklahoma.
Pros: Thank God for DVD players.

Cons: Andie was NOT having it being in the car again. Her attention span to the DVDs only lasted about 10 minutes.

3. We got to go meet baby Knox and hang out with his teeny little bod. Pros: Obviously smothering him with love.

Cons: Andie might have gotten a little jealous.

4. We got to see the rest of the Taylor fam! Pros: The 3 month gap between Emie and Andie is DEFINITELY not as obvious as it used to be! It is so fun seeing them grow out of the infant stage and into the almost-toddler stage together!
Cons: She had a terrible night the 2nd night and I let her sleep in our bed for the first time EVER. I know. I'm terrible. 

5. We got to sneak in a visit to the Brown family! Pros: While we were there to celebrate Barrett's 2nd birthday, his awesome mom went ahead and made me the most amazing lemon bars for my birthday! I could have eaten all 2 plates right there. Cons: Totally not enough time to catch up with your best friends. 

Let's also note how monstrous my baby's legs are in this picture.

Finally, one more weekend of activities and we are FREE!

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