Tuesday, September 17, 2013

8 months

I feel like Andie has done more in 8 months than I ever did before her. And sorry, I know she was 8 months on the 7th, so a little behind :)))

But I feel like I am now on her birthday countdown. I mean, I start listening to Christmas songs in September, so I can definitely start planning her birthday, right???
Hint: it's a tea party theme! I'm so excited!

All right, baby girl. This is you, now:

Weight: TBD
Height: TBD (but freaky tall)

Milestones this month:

  • You have your first tooth!!! Finally! It happened on the 9th... I thought I saw a speck! Sure 'nuff... it's past the gums!
  • You are saying "mamamamama" all the time! It's kind of my favorite thing! I know you aren't calling for me, but it's still too sweet to hear. 
  • You are a speedy crawler, but you are wanting to "walk" ALL the time! You take a GIANT step with your left foot and catch up with your right. Ha, it's kind of precious. You can pull yourself up on anything, which has resulted in countless bumps and bonks.
  • You are eating more and more "finger foods". Meaning, we bought the first (of many) boxes of Cheerios! You really can't get enough. But don't worry, you are eating PLENTY of veggies and fruits! Especially watermelon... you really are my child.
  • You can clap your hands! It makes you smile so big!
Things you like this month:

  • Sleeping in our bed after your 5 am feeding..... so sorry (or not? because it's precious?) that I started this. Hopefully you grow out of it by the time you go to college.
  • Your paci... another thing I'll have to break. Every time you see it, in your mouth it goes!
  • When daddy comes home, you know exactly where to look and you get SO happy!
  • Puffs, rice cakes with bananas (or just plain and a day old in the bottom of your carseat... those are usually winners, too), cheerios, grapes, avacado... you LOVE them!
  • Seeing your Nana and Papa! They make you laugh like no one else. So glad we can see them whenever we want to!
  • When we clap for you... makes you smile so big!
Things you don't like this month:
  • teething. :(
  • When I walk too far away. So the nursery this week should be fun....
  • When you are full or didn't like something, you just stick your whole tongue out. It's hilarious to us! 
  • When Papa cheers to loud while watching football. It's gonna be a loooooong season. 
Special memories:

  • We went to your first family reunion in Pratt, Kansas. 
  • You also met your adorable baby cousin Knox, the only baby so far you can boss around :)
  • You got your toenails painted for the first time.

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