Saturday, December 29, 2012

39 Weeks.

I have no official picture for 39 weeks yet, but here's some in the last week that I've taken (38 weeks):

Us with Anderson's christmas stocking.

Waiting for our (maybe) last appointment!

Size of baby: They say 7.5 lbs according to Baby Center, but she was measuring 7 even at our 36 week ultrasound!

Total weight gain: 25 lbs!

Sleep: Eh, varies, but I still never sleep more than 2 hours at a time! And heartburn has kept me up more times than I can count.

Movement: All. the. time. And she's huge... I swear she's bruising my insides!

Unglamorous body changes: Yes. Ha... too many to jot down. Just about everything has changed for the worse... either it's swollen or its covered in zits.

Maternity clothes: Anything that stretches, really. Some maternity clothes are not even fitting.

Showing: Uhh, yeah. Even though I get a lot of stares, no one has said any overly rude comments like "are you having twins?" or "How far over your due date are you?!".  THANKFUL!

Food cravings: anything! Cuties and Reese's Puffs Cereal are still daily staples.

What I miss: breathing, sleeping on my stomach, wearing anything I wanted, not having to buy more acne cream, working out!! but who's complaining, right?!

Strange experiences: Buying milk with her due date as the expiration date. And I guess realizing she could come any minute is a strange experience in itself!

Milestones: I won't discuss the progress of my lady parts on here, but just know and be comforted that they are ready! It's all a matter of when she wants to get out of there! My belly is on the right side of my body 99% of the time.

Looking forward to: ANDIE! Duh! Bags are [semi] packed and room is done! Can't wait to enjoy her in it and play dress up all the time!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fit for a Princess

I am just 3 days shy of being FULL TERM. The carseat is installed, the room is (almost) done, big items are bought and assembled, and my belly is bruished from the inside out. She’s head down and ready to make her arrival!! I can see the finish line! 
Without further ado, here is baby girl’s room:

That last item is J’s favorite part of the whole room. 
Most everything is from Craigslist or a little store I like called The Rink. The rest is probably from Target or other thrift stores. I made the curtain (read: I almost died from making that darn ruffle curtain) and Jason and I made the baby.
Obviously Andie doesn’t care or even know if she likes any of this, just like no one asked me if I liked bunnies painted on my walls as a baby. Regardless, this is what she’s getting and I like it, which is all that matters. It is. 

Baby Bloggin'

Momma + Me

I always feel the need to blog about things. Let’s see if I actually stick with this one.
But this one has a greater purpose and a greater subject: Baby Andie! There are so many great people that are not in hell Oklahoma with us (for your sake, please don’t feel bad… Anywhere is better) and this is going to be our update for close family and friends!
I might be a little sarcastic, I might be a little mushy and emotional. It all comes with the territory.