Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The petting zoo is rated R.

So crazy how life comes in a full circle. My parents took me to Deanna Rose Farmstead when we moved to KC and now Jason and I take Andie. Things like this get way more fun when she can enjoy and engage, rather than us adults walking in the pig-scented heat pushing a sleeping baby...

Here's the story in pictures:

1 & 2: this dinosaur of a goat just clobbered his way up the fence to say hi. Freaked this mother out, let me tell ya. 
3: sleeping pigs make Andie smile. Or she knows what to do in front of a camera
4: this, my friends, is the picture of the week. I covered the head of this goat with my finger because I was so wigged out. Get this::: it's breeding season. The male goats have a harness with chalk in the chest area. It's color shows when the lady goat will give birth. Guess how you know which goats are impregnated? Disturbing goat picture in your mind? You're welcome.
(That goat is indeed pregnant)
5. Family. Can't beat it.
6. Jason bathing. 
7. He wants to pump his own water all day long.
8. My favorite people 
9. I know, little guy. Life's rough. Hakuna matata. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Okay... So what is 7? 

If you think its basically 7 months of eating dry chicken and wearing the same pants, you're not that far off.

Jason and I recently read the book '7' by Jen Hatmaker, and if you read it, I'm sure your mindset about life changed or was challenged just a bit. I've read books like this before but this one actually inspired us with something we could DO. 

Basically, it's a challenge to live a little simpler. We are doing this in hopes to realize just how "rich" we are, how we take such vital things for granted, and to reduce ourselves so Christ can increase.

Here's the format: every month you give up something/change the way you're living. Month one is food. We are eating 7 foods for the entire month (with a ton of justifications, I mean carefully considered options). This might not be hard for a lot of people, but when you've eaten DRY chicken and spinach and sweet potatoes with no "fixings"... It gets old. 

Regardless, we have already learned and realized a lot about our American habits, such as how we can so easily just go to the store and buy whatever we need. And whatever we don't need. I always pick up way more food than I intended on buying and I always end up throwing away more than I am okay with (aka like NONE). 

We also took notice of how much we look forward to each meal, like we feel entitled to special food that makes us feel comfortable/happy/fancy/better. And by "we" I mean "I". 

So, pray for us on this journey because I have to reassess why I'm doing this 7,431 times a day. :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Wait, didn't I just type the six months post? 
Seriously, that one month needs to last a little longer. It's like... I need more time to realize the first half of her first year is actually over. She is now closer to turning a year than she is to the day she was born. WHATTHE.

Milestones this month:

  • Started drinking water in her bottle at mealtimes! You LOVE water!
  • When you wake up, you have been looking at your hands, grabbing your fingers and just studying away! So precious to see you do this!
  • You've also discovered the details of the face. You grab all over ours when we hold you! I mean, it hurts, but it's all in the name of growth & discovery, right?
  • You are TRYING so hard to do different things with your mouth! You've watched us blow raspberries and you just suck your lips in and don't know where to go from there. You love it when daddy pouts his bottom lip out. Of course it's another thing to grab for you!
  • Crawling on our stomachs! (So I guess that's scooting?) Baby girl, you are MOBILE! If you want something, it doesn't stand a chance! 
  • We can wear hair clips! Your hair is long enough to clip something in! I still prefer headbands, but having options is great :)
  • We've upgraded from plain ol' rice cereal to apple cinnamon oatmeal and you LOVE it! I can't get it in your mouth fast enough!
Things you like this month:
  • Anything "peek-a-boo" and "where's...?" You never fail to laugh and it's so entertaining!
  • Your voice! You only use consonants when you're tired or fussy, so no real "mamas" or "dadas" yet... but you loooove to yell and "sing".
  • Sleeping on your little blankie (I hate the word 'lovie', but that's basically what it is). You sleep on your tummy and always put your head near your silky blankie!
  • Your walker and bouncer! I can get a good 20-30 minutes of entertainment for you right there!
  • Seeing me open the car door! You smile so big every time you know I'm going to get you out of the car!
  • Banging EVERYTHING! All these new noises make you so happy. About to start calling you "bam bam".
  • Seeing me walk into the room. I love that I can make you that happy! 
Things you don't like this month:
  • Being in your car seat. I mean, you were screaming bloody murder for a while. It's gotten better, but I think that's because I've figured out how to distract you.
  • I can't think of anything else but mangoes? You were not a fan of those... 
Other memories:
  • Your first trip to Kansas City! You are going to love the farmer's market and going antique shopping when you get older! Training you now :)
  • We are crying it out OFFICIALLY. After 3 months of my wishy washy ways and giving in to feed you because that meant sleep for both of us, I've decided to bring in the big guns: daddy. For the past 2 nights, he has been the one to go in and give you your pacifier and let you fall asleep on your own. After an hour and a half(!!!) the first night, you did MUCH better last night! It also rained, so that helped :) Lord help us this week. You and I both need our first 7 straight hours of sleep......
I love you so much, baby love! You are my world and I thank God for you everyday!

Obsessed with fall!

You know that time in August when one day you wake up and you are OBSESSED with everything cinnamon/pumpkin/warm/twiggy/sweater-y? 

Yeah I'm there.
Except I've never been that pumpkin-crazed one who camps outside starbucks the night before their pumpkin spice lattes hit the menu. Maybe I'll try one this year. 

For my husband, he's obsessed with the fact that Carrie underwood is singing the Sunday football song. #overratedanyone?

Anyways, so what do we do when we feel like this? We make Pinterest boards... Like we haven't made any fall ones the lat two years. And then we get REAL excited because we realize it will be our babies' first fall and she can be in cute pictures with pumpkins bigger than her. Oh I can't wait. Lets not even start with baby Halloween costumes...

And the other thing we do? Duh... Color our roots. Welcome to the dark side, Jordan! 

Hey, Andie was feelin it:)

Let the pumpkin bread and Caramel Apple Cider (OMG I DIE) flow freely!! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend in KC

This Saturday, we FINALLY made it down to explore downtown for the first Fridays weekend. 

I love Kansas City. I'm talking antique shops (it took us all day to get through just 2), food trucks, farmers market, the cutest coffee shop KC's ever seen (way to go Quay) and not to mention, we had killer weather.
This mama scored some winners

(Cat not included)

Also, Andie was an absolute GEM. I can't complain that our favorite store (Bella Patina) has a baby room to change and feed your baby in! Hallelujah!

Shelby wanted to try being mama 

I gotta mention how cool it is seeing your wedding picture on the wall of a public building! 

Also, I failed 7 today. If you're like "what the heck is 7?", then come back soon! I'll post about it later :)

Have a great week!