Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Okay... So what is 7? 

If you think its basically 7 months of eating dry chicken and wearing the same pants, you're not that far off.

Jason and I recently read the book '7' by Jen Hatmaker, and if you read it, I'm sure your mindset about life changed or was challenged just a bit. I've read books like this before but this one actually inspired us with something we could DO. 

Basically, it's a challenge to live a little simpler. We are doing this in hopes to realize just how "rich" we are, how we take such vital things for granted, and to reduce ourselves so Christ can increase.

Here's the format: every month you give up something/change the way you're living. Month one is food. We are eating 7 foods for the entire month (with a ton of justifications, I mean carefully considered options). This might not be hard for a lot of people, but when you've eaten DRY chicken and spinach and sweet potatoes with no "fixings"... It gets old. 

Regardless, we have already learned and realized a lot about our American habits, such as how we can so easily just go to the store and buy whatever we need. And whatever we don't need. I always pick up way more food than I intended on buying and I always end up throwing away more than I am okay with (aka like NONE). 

We also took notice of how much we look forward to each meal, like we feel entitled to special food that makes us feel comfortable/happy/fancy/better. And by "we" I mean "I". 

So, pray for us on this journey because I have to reassess why I'm doing this 7,431 times a day. :)

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