Saturday, October 12, 2013

9 months.

This girl....

Length: 29.25 inch (96%)
Weight: 19 lbs 3 oz (67%)

This girl is long and lean. Except those thighs. Gotta put her chunk somewhere, amiright?

Milestones this month:

  • That tooth is half way in and I am on the edge of my seat for another one! 
  • You ONLY say "mama" and you stick your bottom lip out when you do. Sorry, Daddy! We're working on it, I promise!
  • You are a PRO at waving "hello" and "bye bye"! I don't even have to wave first... you just do it! When I come to get you in the morning, I open the curtains and you wave outside because I used to say "hello world"... cutest thing.
  • You love to clap and "dance" (a type of scoot know) to any song, but especially Bubble Guppies (can you tell it is all that we watch).
  • You are FINALLY putting yourself back to sleep most nights! (*** key: most. I have finally come to realize that sleeping is not a milestone... when I chose to become a mom, I chose to give up sleep forever. Or at least until they're all out of my house... maybe.)

Things you like this month:
  • You LOVE shells and cheese and anything green but you're not a huge fan of fruit! That's Jason Taylor's child right there. Def not mine. 
  • You love the ol' toss-ya-in-the-air trick. 
  • Your favorite toys right now consist of a penguin puppet, your stand-up music table, and the elefun ball shooter (score for $4!). Mommy's favorite toy is your cat piano/mic/thing. :)
  • You have to get up and walk EVERYWHERE. I guess this is more of a milestone, but you fully enjoy "finger walking". You can get there WAY faster!
Things you don't like this month:
  • Strangers. Hello, separation anxiety.
  • The vacuum. Not the coolest task of the day.
  • Changing after bathtime. Laying on your back + being cold for any matter of time = fussy fussy fussy! 
  • Teething. Duh.
Special memories:

  • Watching daddy's first Kansas MS 150 ride! 
  • Wearing two piece pajamas (milestone or memory? Either way, I'm crying.)
  • Our first trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart and Louisburg Cider Mill.
  • Having Ampa & Amma visit our new house!

Love you sweet girl! Can this month drag on please? I'm not ready for double digit months. That means I have to plan her TEA PARTY birthday party! There is no better joy than this (besides Jesus...duh).

Side note, Jason and I have decided to shorten the "possesions" month of 7 and go right to "media" month. More on this after the media month :). I will not be on facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc. And if you do see me on there, tell me to go read a book! 

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