Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mommy Things

While there are many (and I mean MANY) wonderful things out there for our babies, us mommies are entitled to enjoy a few things, too.

I thought I would give you the rundown of my post-baby (i hate the words "post partum" for some odd reason) things that have gotten me through life!

Warning: boobs are involved.

Mommy Things

  1. Lanolin Cream. Duh. If you've heard my BF journey, you'd know this was with me always. 
  2. Thank God messy buns/top knots/weird ponytail plops are so in, cause this mama aint cutting these locks.
  3. ERASE PASTE. It's all in the name.... also I can't live without concealer. Most of the time I even wear it to bed. Can't handle these dark circles. 
  4. This is my new obsession. LUNA bars in White Chocolate Macadamia. YUM. under 200 cals, they are my favorite snack/breakfast. 
  5. After trying all the nursing bras at Target and experiencing the fashionably non-supportive paper-thin over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, I found this one at Kohl's and I have worn it everyday. In fact, if you've seen me at all in the past few months, you've probably seen it in its entirety. Sorry I'm over modesty some days. 
  6. I wore a *dark* cotton robe around after I had Andie that I got from Target. It was fabulous for those newborn days when I probably sat around in my nursing bra and watched New Girl or PLL (Pretty Little Liars...duh). However, when I wear it now, all I see is a giant cloth concealing that mushy post-baby body, so it was a short favorite. 
  7. Do I need to explain this one? My Keurig knows to come on at 7am every morning, thank God.
Please comment and tell me your mommy favorites so I can have new ones for baby #2!


Danielle said...

I need to get some of that erase paste! These eye circles are out of hand! We're obviously having some sleep issues over here :). I have a nursing shield that my mom made me that I LOVE. Super easy pattern. It's like an apron with boning in the top so I can see in but it's a little more discreet, since I'm whipping out my boobs all over the place these days! Also water bottles. Everywhere. And food. Something about nursing makes me ravenous all day every day. And this momma is adamant about a daily workout and shower. If I can get that "me" time in every day, it's amazing how much more human I feel!!

Jordan Rae said...

Yes!! Water bottles... duh! Got a good collection started! :) I need that nursing shield! Andie hates being covered by the A&A blankets... so I usually am confined in a room 6 times a day.