Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the husband's iphone post.

I have 7 thousand blog posts ready and brewing in my head, but I have been a teeny bit too busy to post any! We are officially moved in and living in our new house.

If you saw me right now, you might question if I have showered in the last 2 weeks. "Her roots might look okay but is that paint in her.... um...armpit hair?" Probably.

I can't find my razor.

Speaking of glamourous things, just about the only thing left to update in our house is all the brass! Everywhere you look, brass brass brass.
I will show pics later. But for today, I must share these sweet images I found on Jason's phone. It's so interesting to see what pics he's taken. It's like I have another photographer for life and I forget about it. So here's a few hints at what we've been doing:

(We did wear spots, they just came off as soon as we snagged our free dinner! Duh)

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