Monday, July 29, 2013

Breakfast at Andie's

This little girl....

is teething.

Our nights have been so screwed up. She falls asleep at sometime P.M. and wakes up whenever she wants A.M.  Not to forget all the many times at God-its-too-early-A.M. Last night, I ended up feeding her every single time. I just gave up. What she is lacking in teeth, she has in attitude right now. I will never pull this tooth out of her mouth. We have worked way too hard for it! It will stay in there, I tell you! This, obviously, is the downfall of the 6 month stage.


There is good! She is crawling, people! One night when she was wide awake at 9:45, she saw some popcorn she spilled on the floor and took her first crawl! Jason and I were so excited, you would have thought it was Christmas morning! We posted it on Instagram, so go follow me :)

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