Monday, July 1, 2013

Dreaming of the New

Did I mention how excited I am to create Andie's nursery TWICE?!
When we move in two weeks (!!!), she will be moving into a crazy lilac-painted room that I get to repaint! Hallelujah.

I don't know if I'll go all crazy, I definitely am not allowed to ask for wainscoting.... but a girl can dream, right?
Here are some things I would LOVE...

1.This watercolor peony wallpaper as seen in this beautiful nursery collage (YOU CAN'T TALK ME OUT OF WALLPAPER....I LOVE IT)

2. Obviously I still want this bedding (RH)

3. Of course, Leila Ali's nursery is still so incredible to me

4. And duh, this mirror. Basically if I can't have it in my room, Andie gets it;)

5. Also, I'm totally adoring molding in her room right now. We'll see if I can at least swing this one ;)

Happy Monday y'all!

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