Friday, June 7, 2013

3 years

I feel like we're officially married.
3 whole years under our belt. We have now been married longer than we dated... that's kind of special, right?

I don't mean to write some mushy how-much-i-love-my-"hubby" post. But here it is. 

In pictures.

(Note: I wish I had the first picture I sent my mom of him & me. We were cuddling on the couch watching a movie... baha, whoops. Oh, the things we don't do anymore. I mean, what? We cuddle all day everyday with our baby in between...)

our awkward Christmas picture after we got engaged... clearly you know who I belong to now... 

representing at Nationals

don't ask me why I was acting all sassy at the altar

And this is how we celebrated: 
Jason put notes on everything I would use/see... those are 2/5 pictured. Also, the perfect "simple Kansas girl" bouquet is what I call that. Also... we got each other our ... get this... FIRST pair of Sperry's. I know. We both died and went to Heaven with how comfy they are. 
We saw 'Now You See Me' which is my new fav, but most importantly, we were away from Andie for exactly 3 hours. During bedtime. I about died and so did the babysitter (sorry Mom).

Here's to 77 more years love!

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