Thursday, June 13, 2013

5 months old

AndieLove.... you are 5 months (and a couple days) old!

That means I've had 5 months to workout. Sorry I just started. 

You are a handful these days, and I'm sure to only become more of one!

Things you like:

  • Grabbing ANYTHING in front of you! Every cup/bottle that is in front of you is going to be aggressively brought straight to your mouth. I'm a little worried you can actually get stuff out of my camelbak. 
  • Your toes. Of course. #1 favorite toy. 
  • Napping in your bouncer still. Not sure when I'll have to break this, but you still fit and you fall asleep likethisfast in it, so.... not complaining yet! 
  • You don't mind wearing hairbows or being in your carseat (things I figured she would struggle with) so I thank my stars for both of those. Because both are necessary. Especially that first.
  • Cuddling & Reaching. These are so cute. I love when you reach for me people and nuzzle right on in. 
  • The songs "I'm bringing home my baby bumble bee" and "BINGO"
Things you don't like:

  • the sun. Every walk/jog is a struggle. I kind of think you're allergic to it. Thank God for trees.
  • shoes. Hate 'em. We just hate 'em. 
  • Strangers. Sorry y'all... give her time.
  • Rolling into things. That's right people... I said rolling. Hello, baby gates.

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