Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekends at the Andersons

Our new life in KC would make a much better cast & storyline for the show "How to Live with Your Parents For the Rest of Your Life".

Andie and I have two days of the week by ourselves. The rest of the time, at least one person is home with us. This makes our days so much fun and the days by ourselves, so much sweeter :).

So much fitness going on in our lives. And chocolate.
My cousins and aunt did the WARRIOR DASH this weekend and I signed up for a 5k! Husband got a whole weight system set up in the basement, and so many walks have taken place recently thanks to the FINALLY warm weather!
Also, Jason got me ... get this... JAYHAWK.... RUSSEL STOVER.... chocolates.

Can you say amaze? This is what marriage is all about, people.

Anyways, here is an overload of pics from the weekend!
I need to post more if I'm going to take this many pictures ;)

No she's not 4 months yet, but we bought her an "exersaucer" and she loves it. 

First time to meet Aunt Nancy! She is older than Papa and ran in the Warrior Dash! Go Nancy!

Also, it's Monday.
I'm working on patience today. But I need to become patient RIGHT NOW.

See what I did there?...

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