Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Leaving OKC

We have officially been in Kansas 12 days, so I've gotten over my emotional "goodbyes" and No-More-Uppercrust-causing-depression.

The day we left, Andie had her first party!! Our cousin Grey turned 3 and celebrated with some Mickey Mouse. We got some sweet pictures of all the babies.

We celebrated our 'Last Days' with a little visit to CHK's restaurant on J's last day. All the lady cooks LOVED Andie and I got a lot of haters for taking her away. 

We said goodbye to our boyfriends.

And took one last nap at our first house. 

On to the next! On on to the next.... 

So far we have gotten Sheridan's ice cream 2393834 times and have enjoyed Nana and Papa's cable.
Have a great Wednesday! We're enjoying the rain!

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