Monday, May 27, 2013

Move It

I have only been a little bit busy because we BOUGHT A HOUSE! Obviously, you have to shout that part. This is a big deal.

It's address belongs to Olathe, Kansas and we are SUPER pumped about it! Can't believe that my junior high will be in my backyard, my parents are literally 1.1 miles away from us and Andie can grow up where I did!

Get this: we are ALMOST doubling our square footage from our last house. So OBVIOUSLY, this means I need to go shopping. I mean, as of now, I'm pretty sure I have 4 empty rooms. We don't move in until mid July, so I have some time. In the mean time, bring on the mood boards, online carts at Crate & Barrel that I have no intention on actually purchasing, and seven thousand pics on my phone of rugs, furniture, paint colors, etc.

This is so fun! Andie will have a backyard to play in, it COMES WITH A SWING SET. hello!
God is good. God is good. God is good.
What a fun chapter in life.

Sorry for all the caps lock.

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