Wednesday, May 8, 2013

4 Months

I mean seriously, when did Andie Nicole stop having a swollen face and triple in length?! She is so perfectly sweet, I can't imagine a better 4 months!

Height: 26 inches (95% HOLY COW GIRL!)
Weight: 15 lbs. 5 oz

Good Dr. News: no more heart murmur! Praise the Lord!

What you like right now:
  • Sitting up! No more acting like a baby!
  • Grabbing things and putting them STRAIGHT in your mouth. Usually it's my hair.
  • Watching us eat real food and opening your mouth when it comes close to you. It's seriously too precious.
  • The best chew toy: my finger, then Sophie. 
  • Tummy time! You actually enjoy it for the first 5 min.
  • You LOVE the weirdest noises, and girl... I will make them all day long for that squeal.
  • You are so funny. When we pick you up, you start "running" with your legs.
  • Your emotions are always obvious. You got them expressive eyebrows, girlfriend. 
  • RICE CEREAL. You cannot eat this fast enough. Nana swears she's never seen a baby go to a spoon so quickly!

What you don't like:
  •  Not being able to eat my food. See the theme this month? :)
  • Laying down or being held like a baby. Noooo way, Jose!
  • Waking up seems to be rough for you right now. Me too, girl. Me too. 
  • Being in your exersaucer too long. You tell us when time's up like rightthisminute.

We just gotta work on this sleeping through the night thing. Every 3-4 hours of waking up is NOT working for this mama! Pray for us as we try crying it out!

 Please ignore my face. Her curly lips were too cute not to put up here.

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