Thursday, February 7, 2013

4 weeks old!

Life has seriously flown by! Every night blends in with the one before and every hour feels like a moment.
What we've liked the past two weeks:

  • Our new bath! We love warm warm WARM water! And peeing every time.
  • Open mouth kisses. It's kind of the sweetest thing ever, and you smile after.
  • Watching American Idol and the Bachelor. You like the singing and I guess, Tierra's nasty voice.
  • Sleeping on mommy, still. I never want it to end. I could sit all day like that.
  • Our new paci! Thanks NUK for making cute ones!
  • Our trip to Mathis Bros. You slept the whole time... thanks to Grandma, I think.

What we haven't liked:

  • Our walk the other day. You screamed the entire time and it made mommy sad and scared to get you out again!
  • Being still when we're awake. Lots of stimulation is required :)

Oh, I could eat these toes up everyday!

I loved this moment between them. She couldn't look away. 

Child has some good facial muscles :)

She may or may not have scoliosis. Also, I believe when you're a mom you're entitied to the hair claw. 

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