Friday, February 22, 2013

6 weeks.Firsts

My child has been alive for 6- almost 7- weeks! I can't believe it!

You know you're a first time mom when...
I have literally over 1100 pictures on my phone of her alone, not to mention a large number on Jason's phone.
All my google searches start with "why does my baby...", "when does my baby...", "newborn won't..." and so on.
I am almost done crying every single day about something. These are good and nervous tears people. Both kinds about everything under the sun.
I text things about her diapers to my mom and husband, and occasionally a friend or two.
Every 'first' is super exciting: first time to use a changing table in a public bathroom, first time to actually shop that diaper aisle in Target, first time to use a stroller at the mall, etc.

I try to always remember that this is still the easiest 'mom' life I will have right now. She still sleeps most of the time and I know nothing will be easier with more than one child. But fear not, that will not happen for a while. Hopefully.

Okay... some pictures!

First Valentines Day. She loves laying on her back and looks around alllll over the place.

She open mouth kisses. Watch out. 

We went to our first restaurant- Rudy's BBQ. Nana might love her a little. 

Hanging out with our cousins! The look so sweet and precious in Emie's crib, but I see future trouble. 

We went to church for the first time (without daddy... so sad)! 

Our first pair of shoes! Didn't stay on more than a second after this pic, but we got them on!

We love our giant bows from Lala! Don't judge our car seat straps. We try.

Of course, we had to document our first trip to Panera. Nana would naturally be in this picture. 


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