Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 weeks

Okay... I have 10 minutes until I need to change and feed miss Andie, so I thought I'd squeeze in a quick post.

Yes, this is life now. I've joined the every-2-hour-feeding schedule... trying to fit in anything and everything (mostly napping) in between! These last 2 weeks have been literally the best and hardest of my whole life. I know... I'm cheesy and every cliche is now understood and repeated. She is my light, the joy I've never known, a love I've never known. I've officially had her by myself for 2 days, though. So I guess now it's real. HA....

Motherhood has been great! Even though motherhood doesn't stop at 10pm when I want to go to sleep. I know what goes on in this house alllllll hours of the night :).

Jason has been INCREDIBLE. Andie and I are so lucky! I get overwhelmed with joy at least once a day (hormones are still whack) and thank God for my two loves.

Best moment: I am loving when she's awake and looking around. Nothing like staring at her baby blues and watching her smirk!

Worst moment: Getting mastitis a week in and not being able to do a darn thing. Thank God for family (Natalie... if you read this, you're a life saver/ Mom... thanks for coming back down) and a baby who adapts easily!

And some quick iPhone pictures:
 we love our friends!

 precious Grandma time

that sweet face.

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