Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Movin' and weddin'

We are finally wholly in Olathe! My dad came with us and moved all of our furniture back up to Kansas! Bless him...

We got to stay with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bill and swim in their pool! Andie loved it so much... she got  floor burns on her toes from the pool floor. :( Mom fail. I felt ter.ib.le

Highlights of our trip:

  • Going to our first wedding (congrats Chad & Sarah)! It was beautiful. Daddy was in the wedding, so we hung with the rest of the Taylor clan. We loved seeing our aunts and uncles!

    Aunt Natalie entertains as it's getting close to bedtime (read: 20 minutes past her bedtime and then she wouldn't fall asleep until 10:30 ladies and gentlemen....)
  • Swimming in our new floaty! Papa gave us a water bottle which became the best chewing toy in the world! We loved being able to walk in the water! 
     We loved feeling the water on our head... silly

     Note: Papa got a sunburn in the exact shape of what is showing above. He loved driving home & moving furniture the next day
  • Getting to see the Browns! We were hoping Annabel would make her entrance into the world before so we could meet her, but she decided to come the day after we left! Little stinker. We enjoyed watching our future husband's bravery in the pool, though :)

 around this time, Brent says something like "The water only hits you there?! Let's walk and see how far we can both go..."

 the Grandpa's were a little pooped. Duh... nap time with Andalicious (gross).

I leave you with something I call "Andie Time".... oh road trips. Only fun for about 20 minutes.
Then all the cheetos are gone.


Danielle said...

Holy MOMMA you look amazing!!! Love your blog. Your little family is so darling! Glad we can be mommy friends :)

Jordan Rae said...

Thanks girl! YOU'RE the one with a rockin body! SO glad we're mommy friends.